Waist Hip Ratio Calculator

Excess fat around your waist and hips could put you at an increased risk of heart diseases and diabetes. You can easily calculate your hip to waist ratio within the comfortable boundaries of home using a waist to hip ratio calculator.

What is a waist to hip ratio calculator?

Take a measuring tape at home and measure the circumference of your waist and hips. Ensure that you measure your hip circumference at its widest part and your waist circumference from your belly button or just above it. Enter these details in the waist to hip ratio calculator and check results in seconds.

What does the hip to waist ratio calculator indicate?

Probable health risks in the near future can be warded off by simply measuring your body fat levels with the help of an online waist hip ratio calculator. If you have more weight accumulated around your waist and hips, it could be a sign of health risks in the future.

If the online portals warn you of a poor waist to hip ratio, ensure that you visit your physician at the earliest in order to understand your health and body better.

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