Smoke Risk Calculator

It’s an overly established fact that smoking leads to enormous health hazards. Every cigarette that you light and each drag that you take puts you in the high risk category for cancer and varied heart diseases. Over the years of hazy cigarette smoke, we reduce years in our life. Can this be quantified? It can be, with the help of a smoke calculator.

What is a smoke risk calculator?

A smoke risk calculator is a free online tool that gives you an estimate of the number of years the cigarettes are eating away from your life.

How accurate is an online smoke calculator?

Once you enter details of your smoking habits onto the smoke calculator, it immediately computes the number of days/years that have been lost.

Quit smoking now!

The nicotine release in your blood-stream makes you overlook the harm it is causing you and those around you. The smoking calculator health results might not be absolutely accurate, but they surely give you an insight into the severe damage that you are inflicting upon yourself. Buy those nicotine patches, get that chewing gum, protect yourself today for a healthier future.

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