Key Persons

​List of Key Management Persons of CignaTTK Health Insurance effective 1st April 2017, as per Guidelines for Corporate Governance for insurers in India issued by IRDAI (vide circular ref: IRDA/F&A/GDL/CG/100/05/2016, dated: 18-05-2016).


S No Name of Person Designation
 1  Mr. Sandeep Patel

 Managing Director & CEO

 2  Mr. Biresh Giri

 Appointed Actuary

 3  Mr. Manoj Naik  Chief Finance Officer
 4  Mr. Vivek Mathur  Director Finance
 5  Mrs. Jyoti Punja  Deputy-CEO
 6  Mr. Sameer Bhatnagar  Head-Legal, Secretarial & Chief Compliance Officer
 7  Ms. Arpita Naik  Chief Risk Officer
 8  Mr. Mahesh Darak  Chief Investment Officer
 9  Mr. Kashinath Palekar  Chief Internal Auditor
 10  Mrs. Reena Tyagi  Head - Human Resource
 11  Mr. Biswabrata Chakravorty  Chief IT Officer
 12  Mr. Nilanjan Roy  Vice President – CGHB
 13  Mr. Aniruddha Sen  Head-Internet Marketing and Distribution