Key Persons

List of Key Management Persons of CignaTTK Health Insurance Company Limited as on date, as per Guidelines for Corporate Governance for insurers in India issued by IRDAI (vide circular ref: IRDA/F&A/GDL/CG/100/05/2016, dated: 18-05-2016).


S No Name of Person Designation
 1  Mr. Prasun Kumar Sikdar  Managing Director & CEO
 2  Mr. Manoj Naik  Chief Financial Officer
 3  Mr. Shashank Arjun Chaphekar  Chief Distribution Officer
 4  Mr. Joydeep Saha  Appointed Actuary
 5  Ms. Reena Tyagi  Head - Human Resource
 6  Mr. Sameer Bhatnagar  Head - Legal, Secretarial & Chief Compliance Officer
 7  Ms. Priya Gilbile  Head - Operations, Underwriting & Claims
 8  Ms. Sapna Desai  Head - Marketing and Communication
 9  Mr. Amit Thapliyal  Head - Information Technology
 10  Ms. Arpita Naik  Chief Risk Officer
 11  Mr. Mahesh Darak  Chief Investment Officer
 12  Mr. Mitul Palankar  Company Secretary