Heart Rate Calculator

Back in school, we all learned that the average heart rate per minute (bpm) is 72. However, recent studies suggest that the normal resting heart rate for adults can range anywhere between 60-100. Checking your heart rate on a daily basis, helps you assess your health conditions better. A normal resting heart rate lets you know that your body is not struggling to keep up with your daily levels of activity or fitness. There are a few questions that we all have about heart rates, like: What is heart rate in the first place? What is normal heart rate? How can heart rate be calculated? What is a heart rate calculator? We bring to you answers for all these questions.

What is heart rate?

Pulse, or heart rate means the total number of times our heart pumps blood per minute. Several factors like our age, built, level of physical exertion, medical condition etc. determines our normal heart rate.

What is a normal heart rate?

The response to ‘what is normal heart rate’ is individual-specific. But generally speaking, When you are not actively exerting your body, your heart pumps the lowest amount of blood and is considered. Your heart is hale and hearty if your bpm ranges from anywhere between 60 to 100.

What if I have a low resting heart rate?

Most people with this condition, tend to worry and fret over the health of their heart. It is essential to know that if you are involved in regular fitness activities, your heart beat tends to lower down. If you maintain a healthy weight and are fit, a low resting heart rate could be a good sign.

How do I calculate my heart rate?

The easiest way to do this is to place your index finger over your pulse and calculate the number of beats per 60 seconds. This could, at times, be inaccurate as we tend to get distracted.

What is a heart rate calculator?

Online heart rate calculators give you a much more accurate and scientific approximation of what your ideal normal resting heart rate should be.

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