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As denizens of a developing country, we are prone to abundant health risks despite thorough diligence to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Add to this the constant rise in medical inflation each year, investment in medical insurance becomes indispensable. But given the availability of a plethora of health insurance plans in India, choosing the one most appropriate for your family and yourself can be a strenuous task. Ranging from Individual Plans, Family Floaters, Maternity Insurance Plans, personal accident covers, critical illness insurance plans, and group insurance plans to senior citizen plans, medical insurance companies in India provide several all-inclusive and comprehensive plans and policies. The onus of making thorough market research and selecting the best health insurance policy in India is always on you.


We offer the following health insurance plans:


ProHealth Insurance Protect Plan

ProHealth Insurance Protect Plan

Our Protect Plan provides an insurance coverage of up to Rs. 10 lakhs for individuals and families. This plan has been designed to provide a comprehensive coverage for treatment of diseases leading up to and during hospitalization.
SMART way to protect your health Save upto 30% of premium through various discounts
  • Save upto 30% of premium through various discounts
  • More coverage including OPD and 100% Restoration of Sum Insured
  • Additional non-reducing Cumulative Bonus
  • Reduction of renewal premium upto 10% with Healthy Rewards
  • Total protection through Protectiv Healing and ProActiv Living Read more.

ProHealth Insurance Plus Plan

ProHealth Insurance Plus Plan

This health insurance plan assures financial support in critical times giving you an easy access to quality hospitals worldwide.
VALUE for money health protection Various discounts to save premium upto 30%
  • Additional non-reducing Cumulative Bonus
  • Live worry free with Protectiv Healing & ProActiv Living
  • Use Healthy Rewards to reduce renewal premium upto 10%
  • Extra coverage with Smart Restoration and Maternity Expenses Read more.

ProHealth Insurance Preferred Plan

ProHealth Insurance Preferred Plan

This unique plan has been designed to take care of all your hospitalization related worries with power packed benefits. The Sum Insured option ranges from Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs. You will enjoy a Worldwide Emergency Coverage up to full sum insured while you are away from home.
UNIQUE health protection that assures peace of mind
  • Unmatched benefits with Smart Restoration and Maternity expenses
  • Non reducing Cumulative Bonus of 10% every claim free year
  • Immediate OPD coverage with Health Maintenance Benefit upto Rs.15,000
  • Quality care with Protectiv Healing and ProActiv Living
  • Use Healthy Rewards to reduce renewal premium upto 10%
  • Emergency Worldwide cover upto Sum Insured Read more.

ProHealth Insurance Premier Plan

ProHealth Insurance Premier Plan

The Premier Plan provides a high insurance coverage of 100 Lakhs with world class end to end benefits from in-hospital to home care. In addition, it includes a Worldwide Emergency Cover up to full Sum Insured, making it an All in One plan.
WORLD-class health protection that puts you first 
  • Wholesome benefits with World-wide protection
  • One of its kind plan with Health Maintenance Benefit upto Rs. 15,000
  • Reduce your renewal premium upto 10% with Healthy Rewards
  • Live worry free with Protectiv Healing and ProActiv Living
  • Dual benefit of Maternity and New-born baby expenses upto Rs.100,000 Read more.


ProHealth Insurance Accumulate Plan

ProHealth Insurance Premier Plan

Secure your health today and GROW reserves for tomorrow
  • Get a “Personal Health Wallet” that grows every year even if you claim
  • Rewards you to stay healthy and earn up to 10% discount on renewal
  • One of its kind plan that brings protection and savings together
  • World of benefits with Protectiv Healing and Proactiv Living Read more.


Lifestyle Protection-Critical Care Plan

ProHealth Insurance Premier Plan

Cigna TTK Lifestyle Protection-Critical Care assures financial support in critical times giving you an easy access to quality hospitals worldwide.
  • Covers 15 Critical Illnesses under Basic plan
  • Covers 30 Critical Illnesses under Enhanced plan
  • Wide range of Sum Insured options
  • Medical Second Opinion from specialists
  • Customized Online Wellness Programs
  • Lump Sum or Staggered Claim Payout Options Read more.

Lifestyle Protection - Accident Care Plan

ProHealth Insurance Premier Plan

Life is unpredictable, and something unfortunate like an accident can leave you feeling uncertain about the future. But you can take charge of your family’s financial health by making smart decisions to protect yourself and your loved ones.
  • Accidental Death and Disablement
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Loss of Employment
  • Education Fund & Orphan Benefit for Child
  • Multiple Choice of Optional Covers Read more.

ProHealth Select

ProHealth Select Insurance

SELECT your health protection solution
  • Safeguard health with choicest of vital health covers
    Effective AYUSH coverage up to full Sum Insured
    Live worry free with 100% Restoration of Sum Insured
    Extra coverage with Cumulative Bonus Booster upto 200%
    Cushion of Reassurance option for 2 year policy extension
    Total protection with ProActiv Living and rewards program Read more.

ProHealth Cash

ProHealth Cash Insurance

  • Daily Hospital Cash benefit upto Rs.5000/-
  • 2 times daily benefit for Accidental Hospitalization
  • 3 times daily benefit towards ICU and Worldwide cover
  • Lump sum convalescence pay of 5 times of daily cash
  • Companion benefit of 50% of daily cash
  • Choice of 3 optional covers with lump-sum pay Read more.

Global Health Group Policy

ProHealth Insurance Premier Plan

The Global Health Group Policy is designed to cater to the health needs of today's mobile workforce that travels overseas regularly. It covers Indian locals and expatriates working abroad under one umbrella. This cover is available for employees and their dependants excluding parents.
  • Two Plan Options: Ruby and Diamond
  • Wide range of Sum Insured options
  • Choice of Area of Coverage
  • Inpatient and Day Care Benefits
  • Outpatient Benefits
  • AIDS/HIV Cover
  • Out of Area Emergency Treatment Cover
  • Emergency Evacuation Read more.

Lifestyle Protection Group Policy

Lifestyle Protection Group Policy

Lifestyle Protection Group Policy offers choice of protection against the consequences of unforeseeable accidents and risk of critical illness under one cover. A corporate or groups/ associations with commonality of purpose can purchase this policy for their employees or members and dependents. It is a completely customizable policy to suit the requirements of your employees or group members, giving you the flexibility and freedom to design the cover you need.
  • All in one policy - Group Personal Accident and/or Group Critical Illness
  • Widest Choice of benefits
    • - Accidental Death
    • - Permanent Total Disability
    • - Permanent Partial Disability
    • - Temporary Total Disability
    • - Multiple Optional benefits
    • - Plans covering upto 36 Critical Illnesses and major medical procedures in combination with many optional benefits
  • 24X7 coverage of events or occurrences anywhere in the world
  • From comprehensive full package to an ala carte of benefits
  • On-duty cover option for GPA policy
  • Option to waive Survival Period in case of Critical Illness
  • Fixed or Indemnity payout as applicable
  • Best in class Claims and Customer Support Read more.

ProHealth Group Insurance Policy

ProHealth Group Insurance Policy

  • Completely customizable plan with host of Options
  • Individual or Floater cover choice
  • 7 in-built benefits with Base Cover
  • Total package of 41 need based Optional Covers
  • First time Accumulate benefit for Group plan
  • Choice of Maternity, Dental, Vision, OPD & much more
  • In-hospital AYUSH Treatment coverage
  • Choice of Critical Illness, Personal Accident and Hospital Cash benefits
  • Multiple Cost Sharing options at Corporate and Individual level
  • Family related benefits
  • Partner in Wellness Services, Healthy Living, Condition Management with reward function
  • Easy Plan Management
  • Facility of Long Term Credit Linked Policy
  • Fixed or Indemnity payout as applicable
  • Dedicated Claims and Customer Support Management Read more.

Health Insurance Plans for your health and peace of mind


Observing a paradigm shift in consumer attitude towards health, and catering to the need for personalized medical insurance plans, we, at Cigna TTK Health Insurance, make it our mission to help the people we serve improve their health, well-being and sense of security. We understand that people are unique and so is their health, and hence, all our medical plans are adept to suit your budget and health needs. Covering a wide spectrum of health insurance plans, we enable you to choose from the best health insurance policies in India. All our health insurance policies are customer-centric, and ensure your peace of mind. Additionally, all our health insurance plans consort with lucrative discounts to keep you from potentially draining your resources. They are designed to render accident care, cover critical illnesses, and to aggrandize general health. With more than 200 years of experience in the industry, we strive to design and deliver the best health insurance policies in India to add joy to your years. Having successfully made a strong presence in all corners of India, we have ceaselessly aimed to help people achieve better health and peace of mind. Read more


FAQ's About Insurance:


A. If there is a change in the treatment to the Insured Person during Hospitalisation, the Network Provider shall get a fresh authorisation letter from Us as per the process.

A.In the instance of you/the Insured Person requiring an Emergency Medical Treatment outside India, it shall be availed at his/her own cost. The Insured Person must notify Us in writing or at our call centre within 48 hours of admission. Thereafter, a claim for reimbursement shall be filed as per the Claim Process of the Policy.

A.In any event, all the non-admissible expenses, co-payments or deductibles (if applicable) shall be settled directly with the Hospital by You.

A.The right to change, add or restrict any Network Hospital for Cashless services under the Policy is reserved by the Company at its sole discretion. It is advisable that the Insured Person or the Policyholder checks the applicable list of Network Hospitals on the Company’s website before availing the Cashless service.
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Cigna TTK Health Insurance Reviews



"Trustworthy company"
Cigna TTK is a trustworthy and active health insurance company. Their prompt and friendly customer service along with valuable discounts made me recommend it to my friends.
-Sanjay singh, New Delhi
Reviewed on 29th July, 2016

"Highly appreciable"
With affordable EMI’s and healthy rewards, I am able to ensure a safe and healthy life for my family. Thanks Cigna TTK Health Insurance!
-Rahul Pal, GHaziabad
Reviewed on 15th July, 2016

"Thanks to Cigna TTK"
It is quite convenient for customers when the terms and conditions stated by a health insurance company are completely stated. Thankfully Cigna TTK did not disappoint me when it came to claim settlement.
-Saurav Kumar, Noida
Reviewed on 10th July, 2016

"Happy with service"
A health insurance from Cigna TTK has by far been a good decision. Their Worldwide Emergency Cover, cumulative bonus on no claims, Healthy Rewards and Healthcare and Wellness Programs make them stand out from the rest of the health insurances.
-Prakash Sharma, Delhi
Reviewed on 5th July, 2016

"Fully satisfied"
I availed the Cigna TTK health insurance plan 2 years ago, and have been quite satisfied by their proactive support and claim settlements. All these things sum up to a good experience for policy holders.
-Vikas Kumar, Delhi
Reviewed on 1st July, 2016