Sleeping early – is it really important?

Daytime sleepiness is a grave health problem prevalent in 18% of the community, according to the Journal of Thoracic Diseases. The major reasons for daytime sleepiness, according to the journal, are, quality and quantity of sleep. Among other things, lack of sleep can lead to skin ageing and weight gain. This, however, still doesn’t answer why you should sleep early.

Why Should I sleep early?

Late night partying, extravagant weekends, or even late work hours - all may have their advantages, however, they impact your natural circadian cycle (which responds primarily to light & dark). The pineal gland in your body produces melatonin. Synthesis of melatonin increases at night which promotes sound sleep. A change in routine disconnects your body from the normal system. According to Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, the deepest sleep occurs from 10 PM to 2 AM. If you miss this slot, your quality of sleep in the subsequent hours will be significantly lower.

When you’re asleep, your body is still at work. Your sleep is divided into 5 90 minute sessions known as REM & non REM cycles. These cycles are your body’s way to stay healthy. During these times, your body requires rest. Disturbed patterns during these cycles may affect your health adversely.

More benefits of early sleep


  • You can get along better with people. According to a Harvard research, lack of sleep tends to make you irritable and stressed. On the other hand, if you’re well rested, you’ll feel more optimistic. 
  • You’ll worry less. This is backed by a research which states that you’re less likely to be overwhelmed with negative thoughts if you sleep early.
  • ​Research also suggests that you will have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight if you turn in early
  • Proper sleep also means an improved immune system
  • ​Healthy sleep lowers the risk of chronic diseases of heart, lungs, kidneys etc.


While medical insurance is a great support in times of need, precaution, as they say, is the best cure.

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