Must-follow Exercises for People with Sedentary Jobs

Desk jobs today extend far beyond the stipulated nine to five into the early hours of the morning. While you are sitting at your desk doing the morning reports, you are synchronously doubling the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular problems. But don’t let this grim conclusion worry you. Making small changes to increase activity at work can go a long way for your overall well-being. If you have a sedentary job, you might need to work harder than those with active jobs to stay trim, and away from diseases.

 Not only is your slouch making you grouch, but it is putting you at high risk for stress, low blood circulation, depression and diseases. Don’t fret, we have you covered! A list of simple ‘must-follow exercises’ will enhance not only your physical but also your social health.

Take flight
As opposed to standing passively in an elevator, take the stairs and engage your thighs and calves. Research has proved it to be a health-enhancing alternative.

Exercise your core
It is as simple as sitting at your desk and extending your legs out in front while keeping your abs tight. It is a great conventional ‘abs and leg workout’. 

Drop it like a squat
There is no need of any equipment and can be done discreetly in a bathroom. Take a stance, extend your arms in front. Take a deep breath, contract your abs and descend.

Perks of a private office
If you have one of these, make sure you keep a set of weights at your desk. 20 bicep curls on each arm goes a long way in shaping them. Even if your desk isn’t private, lifting things throughout the day will work your muscles and keep your arms in shape.

Walk the talk
Go talk to people in person instead of emailing them when you need something or have a message. Every bit counts!

Stretch and straighten
Stretch like a cat to get that sleek body. Neck and shoulder rolls, air circles and torso twists will help you ease your muscles and relax. Severe back problems are one of the perils of poor posture. Ensure that you are not stooping over your shoulders. 

Healthy and active employees take fewer sick days and bring vitality to the workplace. It is a clear win-win situation boosting your health, esprit and efficiency. Even the best health insurance policies in India do not cover negligence. Wake up and work out!

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