Health Tips for Long-distance Travel

Our love-affair with travel has endured the sands of time. This is how humans populated the earth, and today tourism is a billion-dollar industry. The idea of travel is accompanied by incredible excitement whether you are travelling solo, with family and friends, or are on a business tour. While travelling reduces stress, strokes our curiosity and broadens our horizons, it also poses certain health hazards. Elevated cholesterol levels, weaker immune systems and risks of obesity being some of them. Although travelling isn’t necessarily linked to health risks, but precaution is always better than cure. 

Commit to self-care
It doesn’t matter how often you travel, the first step to avoid travel-related ailments lies in committing yourself to certain ground rules. These need not necessarily restrict you from having a good time, but they surely will keep fatigue, stress and unforeseen injuries at bay. We bring to you a list of simple tips and tricks to follow while on a long-distance travel.

Plan ahead
While travelling long-distance, you cannot always be as calorie conscious as you generally are. Tip: Keep your favourite flavours of that antioxidants-rich Green Tea handy and sip it often. It would keep your anxiety low alongside maintaining a healthy check on your calorie-intake.

Comfort. Comfort. Comfort.
Those gorgeous stilettos or your patent leather dress-shoes are good for an evening out in the town. You don’t want to risk a broken ankle or a piercing shoe-bite while you are shuffling between security checks and air stairs. Instead, pick comfortable casual or sports shoes while commuting.

In-flight Beverages & Boredom
Some alcoholic beverages contain more calories than a meal.  Stick to seltzer, diet soda or maybe the occasional glass of wine. You don’t want to arrive hung-over at an important conference or a serene sun-kissed beach.

Fit in fitness
Once you’ve reached your destination, don’t forget the months of hard work you put in at the gym to stay healthy. Check with your hotel about health club facilities or just pack your resistance band and get your daily dose of exercise.

Steer clear of diseases
Airports can be a breeding ground for germs. Make sure you sanitise and have your essential medicines if you are allergic. Be aware of the prevalent diseases in the part of the world you are visiting. Diarrhoea Stick to bottled water and thoroughly cooked foods.

Travelling to a new place is always exciting but don’t let that overpower your well-being. Choose wisely and choose changes that are consistent if you are a frequent traveller. Staying fit and healthy will reduce your expenses on health insurance in India, where health care expenses are on the rise.

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