Glasses vs. Contact Lens

Our eyes are perhaps our most prized possession. Protecting your eyesight is one of the most important things you can do to help maintain your quality of life. Making a switch from glasses to contact lenses or vice versa is not easy. The choice you make could be a mediated one based not only on your aesthetic preferences, but on the better suitability of either of the two for you. The pluralities of our tastes are limitless, which is why it becomes difficult to zero down on an option. Read on to better your knowledge on both products and make a well informed decision.

The timeless wrangle

If you are an outdoor sportsperson or are involved in activities involving active lifestyle, carrying glasses could be a hurdle. Contacts, thus, remain a favorite among athletes. In this situation you can glam up your style quotient by changing the color of your lenses, adding that pizzazz to your look.

It’s a money thing

In the long run, eye glasses are cheaper than contact lenses. You don’t need to replace them often, thus durability gives glasses an upper hand. Whether you have an 'oval' or a 'diamond' face shape, the right pair of glasses can augment your style and make you look and feel phenomenal!

Is it worth the trouble?

Wearing contact lenses is quite troublesome. Unlike glasses, which you can take off and put on easily, lenses require a mirror, short nails, clean hands and the precision of a surgeon. Not cleaning the lenses properly can have consequences, as you may end up getting eye infections. That is the downside to contact lenses. Per contra, glasses are much easier to use.

Clarity and consistency

​Eyeglasses are at a distance from the eye. However, lenses sit directly on the eyes. Thus, with contact lenses, your peripheral vision is enhanced. It is safe to say that in terms of benefits, contact lenses provide more clarity and consistency to your vision.

While many people stay exclusive to either contacts or glasses, it’s also a common trend that people are adopting both to have the benefits of each available to them at their own convenience. Both, contacts and glasses, offer an array of benefits, but each has it pros and cons. Most medical insurance companies in India include coverage of eye examinations. Ensure that you have your vision care covered and taken care of and then choose between contact lenses and glasses according to your comfort and style.

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