Five Ways to Avoid High Medical Bills

Failing health can adumbrate everything else that is going on in your life. In today’s fast-paced world it is indispensable to take on healthier habits with far-reaching payoff. Health-care costs are growing at a whooping rate of 15% a year as compared to 6-7% overall inflation. Maintaining physical and spiritual health is a prerequisite not only for longevity but to lower medical costs, too.  While illnesses and accidents are unavoidable, we present to you five magical ways to avoid the risk of high medical bills!

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

When it comes to eating, think long term. Eat food that boosts your energy level and keeps your system hale and hearty. Eat at regular intervals. If you stay hungry for long, you tend to eat more. Add everything to your diet – antioxidants, fat, carbohydrates, proteins etc. Watching what you eat keeps your anxiety low and helps manage stress effectively.

Oh, Sleep! It is a gentle thing.

“Beloved from pole to pole,” said Coleridge. Adequate sleep is imperative in order to have a well-functioning day. Sleep deprivation may result in a blurred timeline which may affect your overall mental and physical health. Exertion and insomnia go hand in hand. Stay clear of caffeine and nicotine after 2:00 pm. With these put away, your biological clock would tick you away to sleep at night and keep you as healthy and fresh as ever!

Friends close, enemies closer and junk food as far away

Excess caffeine, large fries, rib-steaks every Saturday, alcohol or aerated drinks can all take a toll on your health in the long run. We do not ask of you to stop eating and drinking what you evidently love! But the key is to eat right and in moderation.

Run like a thief

There is no better exercise than a good run. Start working out early in the morning before your brain realizes what you are doing! Excuses never burnt any fat. Get off the couch and run away to fitness, now!

Take the calmer road

Keeping rising medical bills at bay is as easy as inhaling and exhaling. Practice meditation each night to let your body to replenish and restore. Slow down, breathe and learn to enjoy the small things in life. We move at break-neck speeds and our worries eventually catch up. Yoga is gaining immense popularity for its healing and efficiency-enhancing qualities. The right bodily stretch would keep your medical bills from stretching beyond your budget.

Cutting the chase, bring about a paradigm shift in your attitude and perspective towards life. Minor lifestyle changes would let you drop out from the maddening spiral of high medical bills. Add another ‘to do’ in your checklist and consult a few medical insurance companies in India to steer clear of the stress of high medical charges.

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