Do Companion Animals Improve Health?

Only those who have had the company of a companion animal know how miraculous their presence is. From putting a smile on your face with their innocence, to playing with you when you are blue, these adorable pets directly impact your overall health and well-being.  They make you learn a new thing every day while you are making them learn something. Here are a few ways companion pets benefit your health.

•    Mood Enhancers

Pets are the real mood enhancers. No day would pass without them doing something bizarre that would leave you laughing. Their bubbly and excited welcome will make you completely forget about the hectic day you had at office and would cheer you up. An added perk of having a pet is that you will never feel lonely. Ever!

•    Better Immunity

A study conducted by University of Wisconsin – Madison suggests that infants have a lesser chance of being allergic if pets, either dogs or cats, or both, share the household with them. This defies the general theories claiming that pets trigger allergies.

•    Dealing with Depression, Anxiety and Stress

Animals play a vital role in bringing anxiety-levels low in humans, and that’s an age-old fact. They have not only proved their worth in occupational therapy, speech therapy or physical rehabilitation to help patients recover, but their presence has evidently helped patients of depression recover faster. A study conducted in 2002 concluded that people with a dog or a cat had lower blood pressure and pulse rates than the people without pets. 

•    Human-Animal Bond

Relationship between humans and domesticated animals is as old as time! This bond enhanced to another level when companion pets proved a great help for children with autism. The disease makes it difficult for the affected person to interact with others, and this is where pets assist autistic children to communicate and move around without much difficulty. Psychologically speaking, this not only positively affects their social life, but also provides them with emotional security.

•    Social Security to the Elderly

Apart from lowering blood pressure, lessening anxiety and helping people recover from serious illnesses quicker, dogs and cats (and other companion animals) provide elderly people the social support they might find missing. Ageing has often been linked with increasing loneliness and fatigue. And if you find yourself in a similar situation, get a pet and witness a transformed life.  A study proved that elderly who own a pet are more likely to perform their daily chores themselves, stay healthier and live longer. 

It is always great to cuddle a pet and have innumerable non-verbal, gesture-driven conversations with it. And when that relieved and stress-free smile on your face flaunts your overall well-being, getting a medical insurance becomes less hectic. If you still don’t have a pet, just go ahead and get one. You will be happier and healthier than you have ever been before!

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