Creating a healthy home environment

Preventive medicine starts at home with a healthy environment. The proactive steps you take to avoid disease and injury begin with maintaining your home atmosphere for good health and happiness. If someone is suffering from a critical illness in your family, you may require taking additional steps to keep your home healthy and safe. We bring you some useful tips that will help you in keeping your home healthy:

1. Smoke-Free Homes

A smoke-free home is beneficial to the entire family. In order to prevent indoor air pollution, ban smoking in your house. Cigarettes are full of toxic ingredients and exposure to smoke can cause cancer. Make it a strict rule – No smoking at home!

2. Add Some Greens Indoors

Indoor plants can act as natural air-filters and they can absorb harmful pollutants that may be emitted from your furniture, electronic equipment or carpets. Spider plants like palm, Boston ferns and rubber plants are ideal for your living room.

3. Opt For Non-Toxic Cleaners

When buying for home cleaning materials, opt for non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaners as chemical ones can pollute the environment and cause health problems. A lot of biodegradable products are now easily available at local stores. You can also make your own cleaning solutions using baking soda, tea tree oils or citrus oils.

4. Limit the Usage Of Bug Sprays 

Though you might be tempted to instantly use a spray to ward off a bug, insect repellents are pesticides with a lot of harmful chemicals. To keep insects out of your homes, seal all the cracks and holes around your property and keep food covered and closed in kitchen and storage areas.

5. Focus On Emotional Health

A healthy home also needs an emotionally sound environment. Willingness to compromise, effective communication and good conflict resolution skills will ensure mental wellbeing for all members of the family. If you have kids at home, healthy parenting skills are imperative to maintain a happy and healthy atmosphere. Everyone should practice stress management, relaxation and regular exercises for a healthy home environment.
A number of health insurance companies are now recommending healthy home environments for the good health and better future of consumers. Make good nutritional choices, keep your home safe from smoke and other toxic materials, and invite plants and greens in your surrounding and spread happiness amongst family members to enjoy a healthy life. 

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