Bored this Weekend? Go Fruitsy!

Oh Yes! You heard it right! Fruits, and the weekend! As novel as it sounds, it is equally exciting and a great way to flush your body off toxins that has been accumulated through many, many weekends of sinful indulgence.

If you are wondering how to spend an ideal weekend that is beyond the usual escapades to the malls, movies and multi-cuisine restaurants, here are some interesting tips for a healthy, out-of-the-box and fun-filled weekend activities with fruits.

Detox with Fruits

The human system is bombarded with toxins and harsh chemicals - thanks to corporate parties, fast food outlets and the overflowing pesticides in the food that we consume every day. Why not try the fruit detox diet this weekend to experience unbelievable energy levels. Fruit-flush diets are plenty and show visible results in just three days. Visit your organic fruit store this week and fill your basket with apples and pears and get ready to detox your body the sweet way.

Fruits, Fancy, Fun

Creativity can never go out of style and turning creative with fruits can never get boring! Try your hand at the kitchen this weekend and create wonders with every possible fruit that you can get your hands on. Fruit-only popsicles, vegan fruit cakes, smoothies and milkshakes…the sky is the limit while having fun with fruits.

Fruit Freshness for the Week

Nutritionists consider breakfast as the most significant meal of the day for a healthy living. Mother in almost every household sways between finding the most nutritious breakfast and satisfying the taste buds of the finicky family members. Slurp! The solution is simple! Why not serve some fresh multigrain bread with orange marmalade? How does a breakfast of oatmeal with frozen fruit-rolls sound? Spend the entire weekend browsing through simple and healthy fruit recipes for they will keep you fresh and full of energy through the week.

Fruits for your beauty- from inside out!

Salon-based fruit facials have been popular for almost a decade. But did you know fruits and simple kitchen ingredients can equip you for a weekend of fruit spa fun? Try the mixed-fruit face pack with honey for an even toned skin or fight your acne with banana and honey mix.

Health and wellness guides from around the world emphasize the significance of fruits for a healthy living. Experts from the healthcare sector and advisors from any medical insurance company stress the necessity of avoiding unhealthy junk food. Replacing the fast food culture with such innovative ways of handling fruits is indeed a smart move towards better living.

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