Anger Management Tips for Middle-aged Working Women

Anger issues in women are becoming increasingly common. The daunting tasks of managing home and hearth along with the work front is making the modern woman an anger-junkie. Occupational stress has become a problem of particular magnitude for women. Whether it is lack of job satisfaction, striking the utopian work-life balance or cut throat competition, work-stress among middle aged women is slowly deteriorating their mental health and overall well-being.

Why is anger management important?

A natural and usually healthy human emotion has now begun to take control of our lives. You find yourself either hurling abuses at your loved ones or directing the anger inwards, resulting in depression. The need of the hour is a lesson in anger management. Not only will it bring immense peace of mind, but would also enhance the quality of your relationships at home and work.

The Triggers                

Identify the triggers that spark you off and work your own pattern of defusing them one at a time. It could be an annoying co-worker, your five year old throwing a tantrum, an overtly critical mother-in-law or just a wet towel on the bed. Call it your ‘Pavlov’s diary’ and make note of situations and people who evoke your anger. The next time you feel clammy and flushed, identify the cause and ‘turn to ten’. Studies have proved that counting backwards from ten, inhaling before each number and exhaling after, helps in keeping the rising temper in check.

Band-Aid your anger

Once you have collected your thoughts, clearly state your concerns without trying to overpower the person in question. This instills trust, making it easier to reach a truce.

If you feel your anger is about to blow out of proportion, go out for a brisk walk or indulge yourself in any form of physical activity. This will help you deal with both, the smaller and gargantuan problems.

Get in touch with your inner philosopher, learn to meditate and allow it to calm you down. Last but not the least, distract yourself. Listen to a favorite song or browse the internet. Something as simple as day-dreaming will bring the much needed disconnect.

Anger-management brings vitality

If anger controls you, it will harm all that is vital to your life, including your relationships. Control your anger instead, and you will discover that assertiveness does not require futile aggression. This simple shift in temperament will bring a sense of harmony to your home and thereby increase your productivity at work.

Like most things in life, the problem and the solution are in your mind and therefore in your control. A balanced mind is a sign of a healthy body and a healthy body deserves health insurance as a precautionary measure to stay clear of rising medical costs which may trigger that anger-bud in you - a vicious circle, you see!

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