11 Things to do While Recovering from a Back Surgery

Of the myriad ways people are injured, a damage to your back can be the most traumatizing. Your spine literally forms the backbone of your life. An accident or a surgery arouses distress in us. It is common for people to feel dazed and numb after surgery, but what is important is to give yourself time and take charge of your emotions instead of bottling them up. A positive mindset is quintessential on the road to recovery. Our interpretation of pain is decided by our mindset, because as opposed to pain, suffering is only in the mind. The process of moving forward can begin with a few simple steps, here are 11.

A favorite playlist can go a long way in keeping your mind off the pain and focusing on the things you look forward to.

Take a stroll
Monotony is the root of all negativity and also the major cause of suffering during the recovery-phase. Beat the blues by taking a leisure walk, observing the world move forward and beckoning to you with every passing day.

The word ‘yoga’ means union of inner peace and your Inner Alpha. Consult your physician before beginning and get in touch with the belief that nothing is permanent.

Follow the prescribed regime
It is imperative to remember that recovery is a gradual process, especially from critical surgeries. Follow the doctor’s advice.  Stay cautious against skipping medicines and exercising in your own accord. Refrain from resuming work simply because you deem yourself fit.

Eat right
Sudden inactivity and strong antibiotics tend to keep hunger at bay. Eat at regular intervals and consume lots of proteins which are essential for repairing the inner wounds of surgery.

Become a voracious reader
Another great way to distract your mind is to drown yourself in a thick plot. If you ever fell short of ‘me’ time, this is it!

Become ambidextrous
Exercise a new part of your brain by using its dormant side. Learn to write with your weaker hand and develop a new skill.

Keep yourself amused by practicing hand-eye coordination with video games. Simulated reality will bring back a sense of adventure in the real world.

Your spinal cord is an extension of your brain. Hence challenge your mind with Sudoku and other puzzles. You will be surprised at how therapeutic it is.

Watch movies
Pick out a classic like Casablanca, sit back and enjoy! Sometimes you need to forget the world and take a flight of fantasy.

Cultivate a hobby
Get back in touch with a childhood hobby. It could be kitchen gardening, airplane modeling, or just about anything that will help your resuscitate your health.

Your body consumes a lot of energy to heal, so you will feel more tired than usual. Depending on the type of surgery you have had, you may be advised not to lift weight or perform strenuous activity. Talk to your physician if you feel an upheaval of emotions. Some of the best health insurance policies in India cover spine-related surgery. Invest in one of these to ensure a safe and sound, stress-free surgery in the event of illness or accidents. 

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