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Cigna TTK Health Insurance’s ‘ ProActiv Living Program’ provides you with health and wellness solutions to make the most out of your health. How? Through a set of specialized tools made just to cater to your health needs! ProActiv Living is a customized, global wellness platform that is apt for individuals, families as well as corporates.


Changing habits and lifestyle is hard on health and we understand that. That’s where ProActiv Living plays a a role in ensuring that simple and small changes in your lifestyle enable your wellbeing. All of our health and wellness solutions are holistic and are designed with four pillars of health at their core: sleep, resilience to stress, physical activity and nutrition. Our global health risk assessment and lifestyle management programs rest on these pillars. Incremental progress around one pillar can result in lasting improvements in others, as they are highly inter-dependent.


How do we plan on doing this?


It’s very simple. We break it down in four steps:


  • STEP 1
    Start with Measure by using our health risk and targeted risk assessment
  • STEP 2
    Use personalized reports to Evaluate your current status
  • STEP 3
    Bring about positive Change with our lifestyle management programs
  • STEP 4
    Take the assessment again to Monitor your progress


Start out with a personalised health risk assessment

Our health risk assessment (HRA) has been validated against the World Health Organization Health and Work Performance Questionnaire. At the end of a quick 10-15 minutes HRA  participants receive a highly personalized report that includes an overall score and segmented scores based on a scientifically validated algorithm to indicate if their behaviors are putting them at low, medium or high health risk. These reports recommend behavioral choices, which can enable the participant to improve their health.


To get better understanding of health risk areas highlighted in their personalized report, one can take a 10 minutes targeted assessment, in the areas of sleep, stress, nutrition and physical activity . Upon completion, participants receive an in depth measurement of risk status and a deep dive into what factors are benefiting their health and where they need to make changes.


Manage your conditions better

Following the Health and targeted risk assessments, participants can make use of our Lifestyle Management Programs, which empower them to make sustainable lifestyle changes:


In addition, ProActiv Living Program gives you access to a large bank of health articles . With games like Nutrition Trivia, Sudoku and animation videos on Healthy Habits this program is designed to be fun and engaging throughout. Your health and wellness is the driving purpose for us at Cigna TTK Health Insurance. With us you’re always in good hands.

Vegetarians are at greater risk of iron deficiency than nonvegetarians. Having beans, spinach, and dried fruits can increase iron intake.

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